After nearly three decades of teaching at CCU, Dr. Johnny Pressley, professor of Theology, will depart from the university at the end of this semester to relocate and begin a new ministry.

Pressley is best known on campus for teaching the Basic Biblical Doctrines and Christian Ethics classes that all undergraduate students must take, as well as the 14 other graduate courses he teaches.

He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Ministry from Roanoke Bible College in Elizabeth City, North Carolina in 1975, before going to receive his Master of Theology from Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, New Jersey and Master of Divinity from Cincinnati Christian Seminary by 1979.

Finally, he achieved his Doctorate in Philosophy from Westminster Theological Seminary in Glenside, Pennsylvania in 1989. Though he has taught at CCU for 27 years, in total he has 34 years under his belt as a full time professor, starting at Roanoke Bible College, now known as Mid-Atlantic Christian University. During his tenure, Pressley has also served as a Theology Department chair and the Dean of the Graduate School. He’s had a long history of preaching at churches, conferences, and retreats across 23 states and 15 countries. In addition, he’s an avid runner, having completed 19 marathons and a plethora of shorter races.

Having spent so many years at CCU, Pressley has quite a few memories to take with him, but one that stands out among the others is particularly humorous.

“At one of the midnight breakfast talent shows, I was asked to get up on stage and sing a song,” he explained. “So I got up and sang an ‘N Sync song for the students. I’ll never forget that.”

Though some rumors were that he was retiring, Pressley made it clear that he is really starting a new journey as the senior minister at the First Church of Christ in Washington, North Carolina.

It is here that he will spend his final working years, while also making occasional trips to speak at various locations. He indicated that these trips may also bring him back to Cincinnati on occasion.

“This is definitely a combination of ‘goodbye’ and ‘who knows when,’” he said.

In his last few weeks, he leaves CCU with one final sentiment.

“I hope that my legacy is that I taught Bible doctrine as solid and simply as I could,” he said. “My first class I taught was Basic Biblical Doctrine as a graduate student, and it will be the last class I teach. This seems like an appropriate beginning and ending for me.”


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