Eaglette Goes Online


The Eaglette staff is happy to announce the launch of its own website today.

TheEaglette.Wordpress.com will become a new place to view the articles found in the weekly paper versions of the newspaper.

In addition, it will be a place that contains extended interviews, additional videos and pictures, and any weekly updates that are pertinent to both CCU faculty and students.
As the journalism medium moves evermore into the solely online space, the goal is to provide the people of CCU with many different ways of obtaining their news.

Each issue will now have the standard version releasing on Fridays via both a PDF file sent to school emails and paper copies distributed in the various gathering spaces on campus, such as the Student Union and the Hilltop Coffee Shop.

Alongside of these forms of The Eaglette, these articles will be posted to this new website for public viewing.

Doing so will allow posting of further news about specific pieces, amending any articles with new or developing information, and posting extra media that could not fit in the standard issue.

While this is the initial concept for the website, the hope is to continue to expand the possibilities of use in the future semesters to include things like student-submitted articles and editorials.



Trump accepts position as president-elect. [Photo Credit: CNN]

This news came after a long Tuesday night of “too-close-to-call” states finally finishing counting their ballots. As each state began to go to Trump, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton conceded to him.

Though Clinton later won the popular vote, Trump won in the Electoral College 290 votes to Clinton’s 232 votes.