As CCU enters finals week, some students are experiencing more than just final exams. With the end of the year comes final Family services, final classes with their favorite teachers, and final days with close friends.

Graduating seniors now reach a unique crossroads.

It is a time to look back on the place that they have come from, all the things they learned, the people they have met, the experiences they have had. On the other hand, it is a time to look forward to new jobs, new locations, and new experiences.

It can be both a time of pure excitement and a time of heavy-heartedness.

“I’m definitely going to miss Family, and the community that I’ve built in my life here,” said Senior Jake Christie. “In a weird way, I’m going to miss going to school, too.”

Senior Eric Craft holds similar feelings while looking forward to his job lined up after graduation.

“After school, I am going to Southwest Church in Springboro, Ohio to be a pastor for their junior high kids,” Craft explained. “That being said, it’s hard to leave the community I’ve built here.”

Senior Sarah Stacy has already used her business management degree to obtain a full-time job as a recruiter at Living Room, a business research firm, and admits that she’ll miss “the professors and her friends” and “being an athlete.”

Among members of faculty leaving this year are Dr. Johnny Pressley, professor of Theology, and Professor Shawnee Fleenor, professor of English, who are both relocating.

Though these transitions are both difficult and exciting, and many, this writer included, are watching friends leave, the takeaway from these seniors’ experiences is for all students to take a look around them and enjoy the time at CCU, because that final week on campus will be here before you know it.